The Dream – Obama Vs. Paul

One of the consistent messages put about by the agents of disinformation is that the Ron Paul candidacy is some sort of democrat dirty tricks campaign designed to ensure Obama wins a second term. The thinking goes something like this……

If Ron Paul were to win the nomination he would be eaten alive by Obama during the campaign. Ron Paul’s grandfatherly demeanor, sometimes garbled message, and preference for referencing obscure economic and philosophic positions would allow him to be steamrolled by the ultra-slick Obama machine.

Of course, that’s the preferred opinion of the establishment and the media. I believe Ron Paul’s stick-to-the-facts delivery and depth of economic understanding would see Obama crumble into a twitching heap, madly tapping his earpiece and glancing towards his teleprompter hoping the answer would miraculously appear – like it always seemed to in the past.

Straight up, Professor Obama of Harvard University is said to be a Constitutional law expert. I wish him all the luck in the world debating Ron Paul on the constitution. Obama’s position on the constitution has always been finding dubious loop-holes which allow socialists to act contrary to its clear guidelines. “Constitutional law” and International law are the two filler subjects in a law course. They are meaningless in real terms and therefore it’s no surprise that Obama was reserved the honour of delivering pompous lectures to the undergraduates.

The 2012 election cycle is all about the economy. The foreign policy issues are also about the economy, or rather the economy’s ability to sustain the cost of foreign adventurism.

Imagine an economic debate between Ron Paul and Obama. Obama blathers something about the need to “care” and “change” and be “inclusive”. Ron Paul points out that none of that means anything. All of that is funded by taking the money from somebody else who earned it. Obama tells us he has plans to fix the problems in the economy and create more jobs. Ron Paul says it is impossible for the government to create jobs, as evidenced by trillions of dollars of failed spending initiatives.

Then the knock-out punch. TARP bailouts, of which the main beneficiaries were the major sponsors of Obama’s campaign. Obama will argue that the plan was brilliant, however due to naughty Republicans in congress it was poorly implemented. Ron Paul looks at him.”So you want to do it again? Why will it work this time and who’s going to get the money?”

It would be fascinating to watch. Obama is an economic illiterate. There is no evidence at all he has the vaguest understanding or interest in what makes America America. His tedious platitudes are already flat out of steam.

The dream match-up touted by Neo-con leadership and the globalists is Romney vs. Obama. It would be a tedious bore with two professional politicians who stand for absolutely nothing but advancing their own careers and the interests of their backers covering the same old ground and desperately trying to look different from the other.

Ron Paul is the man to destroy Obama. The globalists and Neo-Cons would be delighted to see Obama in power for another term. They would also be happy with Romney. That’s why they are terrified of Ron Paul winning the republican nomination. Because if he did so, they know for sure that their multi-generational criminal plundering of the USA would be revealed by the holder of the highest office in the land.

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